Flights are not included in the package price, but please feel free to consult with us on tailoring the right flights for you, both international and internal. International flights to Buenos Aires (Ezeiza international) are available with many different airlines. British Airways (Heathrow) and Norwegian (Gatwick), both do a direct service from the UK.
Then there is KLM (via Amsterdam); Air France (via Paris); Iberia (via Madrid); Lufthansa (via Frankfurt); Latam (via Sao Paulo); American, Delta and United airlines (U.S.); and Air Canada (Canada). There are more, but these are the most popular. Most of the international flights arrive at Buenos Aires in the morning.
Guests need to be in Buenos Aires on the Friday preceding arrival at Carlota so they are ready to catch an early flight to Rio Gallegos on the Saturday morning.
Internal flights to Rio Gallegos are with Aerolineas Argentinas departing from the domestic airport (Aeroparque). This is a 10–15 minute drive from hotels in the Recoleta area. There used to be a mid-afternoon flight from B.A. to Rio Gallegos, but last season this was replaced with a flight leaving at approximately 5:00 AM. We are hoping that a more user-friendly time will be re-instated, but must wait to see. The upside is that arriving guests get to have an extra half-day of fishing.
The are many hotels in the Recoleta area of Buenos Aires. We recommend guests stay in this neighborhood as it is a safe area with plenty of restaurants, bars, etc., and is close to the domestic airport. Hotels to recommend would be Loi Suites, Etoile, Arc, etc. As an example, Loi Suites are very comfortable, and around £130 per night, but if somebody wanted to pay less, then the Etoile or Arc are perfectly fine at around £75.
Transfers from the international airport (Ezeiza)
After clearing customs and retrieving luggage, guests should make their way to the arrivals hall. Just before arrivals hall there will be many taxi operator kiosks all touting for business. We usually tell people to ignore these and go out into arrival hall where there will be a “sea” of people. Then look beyond the crowd in front of you and slightly to the left for a blue and white kiosk with a sign reading “Taxi Ezeiza.” These people speak English. You simply tell them the name of your hotel in Recoleta and you will be led to a waiting taxi, having already paid at the kiosk. The going rate is around 30 US dollars, so there is no need to pay the driver on arrival. Transfer time from Ezeiza to Recoleta is around 30–45 minutes depending on traffic.
For the transfer from hotel to domestic airport (Aeroparque), simply order a taxi from reception at whatever hotel you are staying. These will usually be private taxis, rather that public ones from the street — totally safe and best prices, typically around 10 US dollars.
Return flight to Buenos Aires
Guests will leave Estancia Carlota early Saturday morning in order to catch the 9:00 AM flight from Rio Gallegos. We will of course transfer all to the airport for that flight on the Saturday morning. Your homeward international flight can be on Saturday night, if you’re in a hurry. Or you may depart on Sunday, or any day thereafter. 
Travel Itinerary for Estancia Carlota
  • Friday / Day 1: Arrive Buenos Aires. Transfer to your hotel and overnight in downtown Buenos Aires (see our recommendations above).
  • Saturday / Day 2:  Travel to Rio Gallegos. Pick up service at Rio Gallegos airport upon arrival. From Rio Gallegos Airport the drive to the Carlota takes roughly 1 hour. Upon arrival at Carlota you will settle in, have a delicious Argentina Lunch, and will have an option for a guided afternoon session on the river 
  • Sunday / Day 3: Fishing
  • Monday / Day 4: Fishing 
  • Tuesday / Day 5: Fishing
  • Wednesday / Day 6: Fishing 
  • Thursday / Day 7: Fishing
  • Friday / Day 8: Fishing
  • Saturday / Day 9: Depart Estancia Carlota around 6:00 AM for the Rio Gallegos airport and your flight to Buenos Aires. You can schedule the return flight to your home destination for Saturday evening, or spend an additional night or nights in Buenos Aires before departing.
Medical Evacuation Insurance
Though there are few things to worry about health wise when travelling to Argentina, we do recommend medical evacuation insurance in case the unforeseen should occur, particularly with any health issues that you may personally possess.  No inoculations are necessary or required to enter the country.
No visa is required to enter Argentina if you are citizen of European Union, United States, Canada, Australia 
Our power is produced by generator and rated at 220 volts. You may need a standard 2-pin (flat, angled) plug adaptor for appliances and chargers. For 110 volt electronics, you may also need a voltage converter if your plug/charger does not convert the voltage.
Most travellers do not experience stomach problems in Argentina and there are no nasties to speak of. No mosquitos either! No particular medications are required. Though, for peace of mind, a kit containing Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Diacalm, etc., could be included in your luggage.
The official currency here is the Argentine peso, though the US Dollar is widely accepted and highly prized. You will get a much better exchange rate changing your money, particularly US dollars, into pesos on arrival in Argentina. There are plenty of places to exchange money and we can advise on this, so please ask.