THE CARLOTA PROGRAM WILL BE managed by Steffen Juhl. For over 25 years Steffen managed camps and fishing programs on now famous rivers such as the Umba, Kharlovka, Rynda, Yokanga, Varzuga and Ponoi. Outside of Russia, in a career spanning nearly three decades, Steffen has logged thousands of miles pursuing Atlantic salmon, steelhead, Chinook, Sea Trout and other desirable anadromous fish. Steffen believes firmly in interacting closely with a few carefully selected programs, and in building long-term friendships with guests. Following this philosophy, Steffen will be on site to manage and host the Carlota program during the entire season.
Fishing Guide and Chef
Fishing guide will be “ senior Rio Gallegos himself” Mr “Loro” Hector Acuna. Loro have been guiding on Rio Gallegos for more than twenty years, and his knowledge and skills are not questionable - We are very happy to have Loro on board our small crew.
Our chief for 2021 will be “Second to none” Analia Veronica Perez - Analia has many years experience in the industry under her belt - Analia's Asado is exquisite as is her food in general.
The experienced and hard working team at Estancia Carlota will ensure you feel at home in the Patagonia wilderness. we look forward to featuring the services of a highly skilled and experienced chef. Expect more information in due time regarding our staff