BELOW THE MAJESTIC GLACIER-CAPPED Andes, the world’s top sea trout rivers flow through the endless, windswept Patagonia prairie on their coiled ways to the Atlantic Ocean. For the last decade-plus, this magical, remote region of southern Argentina has been THE place for the traveling angler in search of exquisite anadromous fish to swing flies for sea-run brown trout, also known as sea trout. We at Salmon Junkies are extremely happy and proud to announce that we have just secured full exclusivity on one of these internationally renowned rivers: the incomparable Rio Gallegos. Together with the prominent landowner of the Carlota Estancia, beginning with the 2020 season — running January through mid-March — we will share this stunning fishery with a very limited number of rods.


The Estancia Carlota encompasses 100,000 acres (42,000 hectares) in the lower third of the famous Rio Gallegos watershed. Only one hour’s drive from Rio Gallegos Airport, Estancia Carlota is located between Estancia El Rincon and Estancia Bella Vista upstream and Estancia Las Buitreras downstream. 

At Carlota we will have access to highly desirable water on Rio Gallegos. Our private double-bank section of the Gallegos is a short drive from the lodge, and this +20 km reach features a selection of classic holding pools for migrating sea trout. Resident brown trout are here, as well, but typically we are concentrating our efforts on the sea trout populating the river on their migration upstream. These fish are big! And, when hooked, angry at having their journey interrupted. Be prepared for rod bending action when encountering one of these hard fighting chromers!

We will run the program for only two rods weekly, which allows the pools on our part of the river to rest, minimizing stress on the fish, as well the angler. For the angler seeking big resident browns, we will also have access to Rio Chico. A tributary to the Gallegos, Rio Chico offers the opportunity to present dries to big, fat Argentinian brown trout.

With this new program, we believe we will be able to offer one of the finest fisheries in Argentine Patagonia at a very fair price.