Originating high in the glacier-capped Andes, the river flows sparkling and clear with a touch of turquoise. It courses through a lush valley and offers a variety of fish-holding structure, including gravel bars, large boulders, deep runs and classic tail-outs. The upper reaches are steep and lively, while the lower section slows considerably, creating juicy holding water before emptying into the fjord in front of the lodge. With tides averaging 20 feet, there are wonderful opportunities for finding ultra-fresh kings on the moving tides.

The Austral River Lodge program includes roughly 40 kilometers of water accessed by jet boat. On a daily basis we will rotate with four rods from Austral Kings Camp located a few kilometers upstream from the lodge. Most fishing is swinging flies while wading or from the bank, but there are a number of productive runs that may be fished from the boat. Anglers will rotate through both upper-river and lower-river beats. For the upper beat you will be transferred by vehicle to begin the day’s fishing. For the lower beat, you will fish relatively close to the lodge. The distances are not great, but the roads are unimproved and transfers can take 20 to 30 minutes.

The first salmon enter the river in December and the Austral River Lodge season runs from early January well into March. We are focused on fishing for fresh, bright king salmon, so we end our season well before the fish start to show their spawning colors.

We will only be offering the prime weeks for four rods weekly. On every tide new, fresh salmon enter the river — in any given week of the season you will be fishing to a sizeable number of fish. What makes a great week is therefore not based on the number of fish in the river but instead on favorable weather and river conditions. Clear water and blue skies make for more challenging fishing than when rain or glacial melt add color to the water. Whatever the case, the river drops and clears quickly; days lost to high, dirty water are rare.

All this is to say: Join us any week in our season that fits your calendar. Chances are you’ll find yourself with a great chance to hook a fish of a lifetime!

Guests will fish two per guide in the care of an experienced North American guide.

Well, few know better than Jeff Bright, who has been so kind to share his article from Fly Fisherman Magazine titled, The King’s New Crown. Please kick back and enjoy the ride. Jeff will take care of all our North American bookings. Please don’t hesitate to contact him if you need further information. He can be reached by email at jeff@jeffbright.com or online at www.steelheadflyfisher.com

Click here to read the article by Jeff Bright where he will be sharing his darkest secrets!
Jeff Bright is a writer, photographer, travel specialist, avid steelheader, conservationist, and a true Salmon Junkie. He hosts more than a dozen expeditions for anadromous fish annually, from the Skeena River to Tierra del Fuego to Norway to the Canadian Arctic. He is the author of numerous magazine articles and several books. His most recently published work is Written on Water: Musings on the Sea-run Angle and he is also now onboard with Chasing Silver Magazine as North American West Coast Field Editor.