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My fishing gear reflex my devotion to the nature and the game.
I will always prefer Craftsmanship and not technology. Manmade and not mass produced stuff. I prefer Fishing gear with character and attitude and not last year model.
I appreciate a fly reel that show my appreciation of the tradition and beauty – I appreciate a fly reel I can grow with and I can use for the rest of my life
I’m not looking for the lightest and sexiest reel, or the cheapest or most expensive reel – I’m looking for the best made and not a mass produced product.
Not long ago much, of what we owned, was alive with the skill and idealism of who made our tackle.
If we retain our belongings well they will over time grow in value and rich our life when we are using them.
In a very short period of time, everything we own begins to fall apart the moment it comes out of the box – “buy it use it, and buried it in the ground”.
It looks like we are about to forget that we are anglers and environmentalist

Buy less – Choose well – Make it last!