Between Rolling Hills and Jagged Peaks a Salmon River Runs

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The mission of Salmon Junkies is to provide the best salmon fishing available for the angler searching for true value. In this pursuit, we offer a small but carefully chosen selection of programs priced as fairly as possible and featuring the ultimate combination of rewarding fishing, excellent service and stunning scenery — programs designed for the passionate salmon angler.

Orklagaard on the Famed Orkla River – Norway in all its glory…

Since the 17th Century, Norway has been the Holy Grail for the seeking salmon angler. For many generations, anglers from the world over looked toward Norway in the hunt for the biggest salmon. What they found was an awe-inspiring, northern land with mythically large salmon swimming in sparkling rivers.

Today, Norway is a destination best suited for those who enjoy fishing beautiful pools and runs in exceptional scenery with the ever-present possibility of a “lifetime” fish. For those chasing catch counts, it would be wise to look elsewhere.

Orklagaard lodge has been held by the Gundersrud family for over 30 years, originally built and operated by its founder Olaf Gundersrud Sr. as a corporate entertainment venue with exclusive salmon fishing on the river Orkla. Until recently Orklagaard has been relying on past guests, family and friends to provide revenue for its funding. Now Orklagaard has opened the holy gates for Salmon Junkies in an exclusive, joint venture deal.

We are extremely excited to offer salmon fishing at Orklagaard for the second season in a very exclusive package offering a golden mix of attractive pricing and productive fishing in the most gorgeous surroundings combined with highly luxurious accommodations! Salmon fishing at Orklagaard, under the life-giving Arctic sun, comes with all the magic ingredients to make any angler’s dream come true. In terms of catch, Orkla is consistently one of the top four rivers in Norway. It is also home to big salmon. Not only are 30 + lb. fish caught every year, but 20 + lb. fish are caught in most weeks, and one or two 40 lb. salmon are caught each season. And, last but not least, the Orkla valley is stunningly pretty.

The Fishing and the Season

Prime season in Norway is June 1 to August 31. And Orklagaard is no exception. The Orklagaard beat are mostly in the middle and lower section of the Orkla river some 40  kms from the ocean and Trondheim fjord, which offers the chance to come into contact with super fresh , chrome bright salmon. Some of these can be huge.  For the 2020 season Orklagaard has added a number of carefully picked, new pools to its portfolio, still including of course its original home waters.   This gives guests the opportunity to see a wider variety of pools covering different water conditions during the season.

Fishing Program

Our beat rotations will be on daytime basis, with some provision for “after hours” fishing activity. We want to run this program in a relaxed and civilized manner, NOT in the 24/7 assault often seen in Norway.

Daily schedule: Fishing starts each day after breakfast at approximately 08:00 – 08:30 am and continues until lunch. Guests will return to the lodge to eat. The fishing stops around 07:30 pm and dinner will be served at 08:00 pm in the lodge. After that it is time to socialize and relax in front of a roaring fire, where the air hopefully will be filled with wild and passionate stories of the day’s activities.
Guests may go out for more fishing during the evening as arranged by the lodge.

Lodge and Accommodations

All guests will have single, en suite bedrooms. As the lodge was originally built for corporate entertainment, guests can expect very comfortable, if not luxurious, accommodations. Features include:

• Spacious lounging room, separate from guest rooms, for socializing and relaxation after a day on the river

• Dining room and area for all meals in the main house
• Comfortable individual guest rooms, each with a 4-poster bed, private bathroom, small living area with table and chairs

• Electricity in all rooms   

• Wi-fi in main house area

• Detached drying room for waders and wet clothes

• One guide, one chef and delicious food — we promise! — to serve six rods

Tackle & Technique

Orkla fishing starts in early June when the usual spring flood is running off and the white polar nights can create a euphoric fishing trance for guests.

Rod: We encourage you to bring an 8- to 9- or 10 weight double-hand rod, which will easily handle salmon in the 8- to 30-pound-plus range. Matched with the proper line, most rods can handle anything from floating flies to deep-sinking tips with heavy tube flies. A good rod length is 12’6” to 14’ which will allow you to cast long distances without fatigue throughout a long day.

Reel & Line: Bring reliable reels that will not let you down when a “hot” salmon takes off. Reels for double-hand rods should contain 200 meters of backing. (Please buy the best available gear to avoid any failures — cheap gear will always let you down).
Lines: In early season, bring sinking lines. For the remainder of the season, bring floating and intermediate lines and sinking tips. Important: Always bring some fast sinking tips.

Leaders: 20–25–30 lbs breaking strength.

Flies: All rivers have their favorites, and Orkla is no exception. That said, a wide range of flies will work. Here are some of the “hot” flies you might wish to bring:

Traditional hook flies: Red Butt, Silver Doctor, Ally’s Shrimp, Cascade, Green Highlander, Thunder & Lightning, Willie Gunn, Black Sheep, Hairy Mary, Blue Charm, Undertaker, Billy Butt, Black Bear Green Butt, Monroe Killer. Our size recommendations are: 2–6 from June 1 to middle of June; 6–10 in late June through August.

Tube flies: Bring tube flies with a wing length around 0.5–2.0 inches. We recommend a classic Temple Dog design. Productive colors include black, yellow, orange, green and brown. The tube fly body should be in length 10–30 mm and we recommend brass, copper or aluminum.

What To Expect

Besides rivers with some of the largest salmon in the world, there is so much more to the complete Norway experience. Positioned only 40km from the ocean, Orklagaard pools will first inline for the big, fresh chromers. 30 to 40 lbs-plus fish have been caught every year since the very early days. Orkla River flow is regulated by a hydro power station, which means there is always water even in very dry years.

Catch-and-Release Policy: Like all Salmon Junkies programs, Orklagaard will operate under a catch-and-release policy. All fish must be reported and registered daily in the camp’s catch statistic book. All fishing is strictly fly only. We request extreme care in handling all fish. The future of the fishery depends on it.

Orklagaard Package

6 days fishing / 7 nights accommodation at Orklagaard Lodge; all-inclusive except travel (including car rental), alcohol and gratuities

Rate: £2850.00 per week per person

Orklagaard Itinerary

Sunday / Day 1: Arrive Orklagaard before 08:00pm dinner
Monday / Day 2: Fishing
Tuesday / Day 3: Fishing
Wednesday / Day 4: Fishing
Thursday / Day 5: Fishing
Friday / Day 6: Fishing
Saturday / Day 7: Fishing
Sunday / Day 8: Departure day

Breakfast will be at approximately 07.30 – 8:00 am, with fishing rotations starting thereafter at 8:30 am. Lunch will be served at around 1:30 pm. Dinner will be served at around 8:00 pm. These times are subject to change before or during the season when we ascertain what is best for our guests.

Orklagaard Team

There will be a fulltime chef and one guide to serve all anglers (fishing in pairs). Operation manager will be Paul Becher
Guide : Diego Hernan Peralta.

Travel Information

Norway is easy access for all. Leave Europe and step into you waders the same day. For overseas anglers, be prepared to sweat one day extra.

Flights to arrive at Trondheim / Viernes airport (code TRD): Guests to arrange their own car hire from the airport to the lodge. The lodge is located approximately 1 hour 20 minutes easy drive from Trondheim. Orklagaard Lodge is situated at the village of Drogsetmoen near Storas. We will of course provide the precise address and driving directions upon booking.

Guests departing the lodge should leave four hours minimum before their scheduled flight departure.  It’s 1 hour 20 minutes to the airport, plus hire car gasoline fill up, plus drop off. Check in bags two hours before flight, so approximately 4–4.5 hours is needed comfortably.

Dinner will be served on day of arrival. (The only exception to that would be if flights were to be changed to very late arrival in which case buffet style food would be served/waiting on arrival.).

With this great, new program we feel well equipped to meet the needs of the true salmon angler — those looking for exciting fishing in the Atlantic salmon fishing community.

We at Salmon Junkies hope that this information along with our website will nourish your dreams and provide you with information for the trip of a lifetime. We hope to meet you out there with a Spey rod in your hand.

Tight lines,

Steffen Juhl