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A slight overcast and a river in perfect conditions awaited the group as they arrived to estancia Las Buitreras.
Unlike many other rivers and waters in Patagonia right now the conditions in Rio Gallegos are near to perfect in both water level, color and temperature. This is all the result of a constant and rather unusual number of days with overcast, rain and even snow further up in the mountains.

The fishing this week was done mainly using lighter double hand rods rigged with floating or clear intermediate lines. In some pools the use of sink tips was very efficient. As for flies the ever-trusted girdle bug in size 8 along with smaller streamers in size 6 did the trick all week long. All zones of the river performed well and the hot zones were constantly changing as fresh fish was moving up the river all week.

The new Galleria that was built during the off season is proving a real success and has lifted the atmosphere and comfort of the lodge to a new level. It has quickly become the main socializing area and the perfect after fish saloon. The new drink menu has seen some new add ons to to the classic wine and beer offerings and guests can now enjoy after fish Gin & Tonics or Mojitos in the Galleria while reminiscing about today’s fishing.

As tradition has it Anna Karin Sjöberg landed the biggest fish of the week, a 20lb chromer caught on a size 8 Girdle bug in Outer Limits.
James Hubbard managed to land a cracking 90 cm whopper probably also around 20Lb.

Water Conditions: +5/+10 cm and slightly colored.
Weather: Mainly overcast with light rains.

Total Sea Trout landed: 73
Average Weight: 9,7 lb
Biggest fish: 20 lb – Anna Karin Sjöberg
Top Rod: Rolf M – 11 Sea Trout.
Total No of Brown Trout: 163
Biggest: 4,2 lb – Rolf M.

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