2017 booking open for the biggest and strongest Salmon in the world

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Chinook: Salmon Junkies offer the best Chinook weeks where you will be able to fish Skeena mainstem and select tributaries also in a full 6-day package, in company of some of the best and most hardcore BC guides available. In our search for the Biggest fresh Chinook Salmon in the world we target Classified water like Kalum, Copper, together with Skeena and Kitimat rivers for Chinook averaging 20 to 50 pounds and ranging up to 80 pounds, and beyond. (The biggest Skeena Chinook have been known to reach 100 pounds!). The Classified Copper river is a classic, mid-sized fly fishing stream with miles of great swinging water and boulder and cobble runs. The Copper hosts a prolific run of Chinooks and extremely hot early returning Summer-Run Steelhead. The Kalum (also Classified water) is a mid-sized river that holds fish tight to its seams and offers a chance at truly large Chinook beyond 50 pounds. The Kitimat is a small to mid-sized river with cobble and gravel pools well-suited to swinging flies Fishing for these powerful fish please make sure you bring a serious fly reel with min 300 meters of fresh backing line or be ready to have your butt kicked hard.

What to expect

Besides having the hottest, strongest Chinook in the world, there is so much to describe that is part of the total experience at the Skeena. We hope that we with our small films will give you a flavor of what to expect from this remarkable place.



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Open rods – Prime weeks 2017

24/6 – 1/7 – 3 open rods

1/7 – 8/7 – 2 open rods

8/7 – 15/7 – 3 open rods

For more information please contact Steffen Juhl – sj@salmonjunkies.com


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