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Any sea run addicted Spey geek should try to fish for Chinook Salmon at Skeena watershed, where the average weight are far higher than anywhere else in the world. Pound for pound the Skeena Chinook are 20 – 25% stronger than any Atlantic salmon. The heavy pull of a giant Skeena whopper grabbing your fly is something your will never forget, just remember to bring plenty of backing line as the furious runs from an angry Chinook will test every element of your skills and tackle.

Lastly let us not forget the breathtaking surroundings and the super professional guides who will share their most closely guarded secrets with you for a price 30 – 40% lower than any high class Salmon destination in the world.

Browse through Columbus Leth and Ulrik Boel Bentzen epic photos after a trip to Skeena where they landed 18 Chinook between them.

Our top team Ulrik Boel Bentzen and Columbus Leth who normally both are very modest guys, went flipping crazy and caught some really nice fish.

Biggest for Ulrik and Columbus was:

2 Salmon between 35 and 40 lb

3 Salmon between 30 and 35 lb.

2 Salmon between 25 and 30 lb

2 Salmon between 20 and 25 lb

And as a bonus – 8 “small guys” between 14 and19 lb.

Biggest Salmon caught last week was a 45Lb beast by “The King of Terrace” Mr. Sky Richard

If you want to join us next year for the meanest Salmon fishing in the world and the best available fishing guides on Skeena please contact me

Best wishes

Steffen Juhl

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