Ekaluk – a guarded secret for a very limited number of rods – few open rods available

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Fishing the Ekaluk is a yearly event and a guarded secret for a number of repeat guests from all over the world. Each year, a handful of new anglers discover this fantastic river.

The Ekaluk is perhaps the most prolific fishery available to the traveling speyfisher today. During a short few weeks, well in excess of 80.000 silver bright fish (DFO Statistics) in absolute prime condition enter the Ekaluk river. The overall experience is rare and remarkable — so much more than a fishing trip; an adventure every serious fly-swinger should put on their must-do-at-least-once list.


What to expect?

On average the catch rate is 1-2 Char per hour. So, if you get tuned in and fish hard for 8-10 hours each day, you can approach some pretty amazing numbers – if that’s your thing. We have see some anglers fishing 16 hours every day and a few hours on arrival and departure day, catch 150 in a week. That’s about 1.5 per hour. Most seem to be around 28-30 inches, which go about 10-12 pounds. However 33-35 inches is pretty common and these fish can weigh anywhere from 15 pounds to over 20 pounds, depending on girth. Some of them are ridiculously fat and all are ridiculous strong and hard fighting fish

Finally, two short teasers to introduce you to the magnificent Arctic char



Dates 2016 Aug 21 – Aug 28, 2016 and Aug 28 – Sep 4, 2016. Includes 6+ days guided fishing, 7 nights accommodations

We have a limited number of openings in both weeks of this short but magical season.

Two rods available week ONE (20 – 29 August) and ONE rod available week Two (27 August – 5 September)

For more info please contact sj@salmonjunkies.com