Fresh Chinook – definitely NOT a game for the fainthearted

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Fly fishing for Chinooks is a full on activity and not for the fainthearted, but for fly fishers after the juiciest kicks in fresh water there is – not much else to top it. It should be on the CV of every Salmon Junkie. We will target the Kitimat, Copper, Kalum and Skeena rivers, depending on conditions. Skeena region Chinook average 20 to 40 pounds and range up to 80 pounds — and perhaps beyond. The Skeena’s biggest have been known to reach 100 pounds!

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a couple messages from some of our satisfied Skeena adventurers

“After chasing big silver Atlantic salmon in Russia, Iceland, Norway and Sweden for my whole adult life, I got info about Salmon Junkies cooperation with Nicolas Dean Outdoors and their operation in the Skeena area in B.C. Canada. They had started to fish for Chinook or King Salmon with traditional swinging fly – Interesting.

I had always considered Kings to be big, red and nothing for me, but this was new…catching Chinook fresh from the sea – pure chrome

During my stay I fished the Copper River and Kitimat for 9 days with 12 hook ups; two broke me off, I lost 5 but landed 5. Average weight approx 25 pound on the landed salmon and bigger ones got away. So next year’s trip is already booked and flies are in production”

Tight Lines – Lars Terkildsen

Lars 30 pound

“Forget everything about old coloured King Salmon at this time of the season. This time of the season the King Salmon are super fresh, and often with sea-lice hanging beneath. Try to imagine a 20-30-40 pound Chromer or even more. How strong do you thing they are? I can tell you. STRONGER than STRONG. Hold on to your rod and reel, because this is a serious and brutal game.

I went there this year and manage to capture the essence in the Chinook fishing on video – a Video that is supposed to be ready later this year. I teamed up with Salmon Junkies and famous fly-fisherman and writer Jeff Bright who is one of the pioneers when it comes to Skeena fly-fishing for Chinook. We fished together for a week and caught a good numbers of Kings, with the biggest around +30, and lost quite a lot of bigger Salmon after long fights and crazy battles…

I will be back next year for more – that is certain!”

Best wishes – Columbus Leth

What to expect? Chinook. Why not watch our small movies and judge for yourself?


Salmon Junkies operate the prime weeks for big Chrome Chinook – 3 open rods 2016

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