Hoh Bo Spey Series – As tied by Charles St. Pierre

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This is a super fly that could be fished on the swing for steelhead and salmon year round. Named after two legendary Pacific Northwest steelhead rivers and influenced by numerous northwest “Intruder” fly variations this fly was designed with a full calendar years worth of fishing in mind. The ease with which this fly is cast along with its effectiveness and the variations of the depth control needed to fish effectively throughout the fishing year make it an ideal fly to fish for steelhead and salmon nearly anywhere at anytime.

Tied on a 25 mm shank with a short looped trailer hook and using a blend of natural and synthetic fly tying material, you will have a great fly that is easy to tie and easy to cast. Finally – if you are thinking of starting to tie your own steelhead flies, the Hoh bo fly is a great one to begin with.

Notice: The photo above show the Pink Hoh Bo fly Franco Sirtori caught his 30Lb Skeena Steelhead in April 2014

The Hoh bo Fly

Shank: Partridge Waddington shank or a single hook shank

Thread: Black

Connection: 30lb fire wire – Make sure the look isn´t longer that the hook just can pass through the loop

Butt: Orange, Black, Blue or other colors

Body: Dubbing Orange, Blue or other colors

Hackle: Jumbo guinea in different colour combinations

Collar: Marabou in different colour combinations. Please notice: Max. two turns of Marabou

Horns: Lady Amherst

Flash: Flashabou or Crystal flash

Hook: Octopus or Gamagatsu #2 or #4


Franco Sirtori´s monster Steelhead caught April 2014 at Skeena on the fly shown in the top Photo