Our Voodoo man at Skeena Kaid Teubert shares his deepest and darkest secret with you!

Salmon Junkies Steelhead, Tackle and Gear


Hey Steffen. This fly is a really great all around pattern that can be tied in any size, weight, colour combination imaginable. I use these patterns because of ease of tie and the vast amount of options you can add or leave out.

There are 2 variations in the attached photo but both use the same simple layering. The recipe outlines from back of tube or shank forward. I prefer to tie them this way, as it is fast and efficient.

“Taubert´s secret”

Tube or shank (I used 1′ stainless steel sleeved tubes or thin plastic tube ½” – 1 ½ “)

Optional dumbbell eyes (tied on opposite side of tube than rabbit strip, bring a variety of weights)

Uv polar chenille

Flash of choice

Rabbit strip (cut thin!) or marabou ( not shown in pic)

Optional rhea or ostrich

Optional saddle hackles

Neck hackle, schlappen or marabou angler preference

Optional egg! (Red, orange, peach)

End note: Make sure to properly cut and prep feathers (marabou,rabbit strips, schlappen, neck hackles), This will ensure a non blob like fly. Don’t over due the marabou!, when dealing with rabbit strip flies you want to see the hypnotizing movement of that tail. Be mindful that excess Uv polar chenille, creates buoyancy.

Tight line

A Billion thanks for sharing Kaid