Some guys just have it!

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Some guys just have it, and Danish Peder Langkjær is one of those guys. Despite his quite attitude and very humble approach, I´m always all ears when Peder visit the Lodge

In 2009 Peder managed to land a 37Lb magnificent Salmon in Danish River Skjern. That Salmon took a small Yellow Tube fly, and it took Peder almost 2 hours to land the beast. In 2012 Peder manage to land a 34lb fresh Umba Whopper in Golden Pool during his first visit to Umba. Last fall (season 2015) it was time for Peder to crack the Thirty-pound barrier again. In Pine pool he hooked a magnificent salmon that took him on a thrilling 400 meters ride down to Island pool where his Guide Farit could net and scale a 32Lb a superb Umba Salmon. That fish took a small Thunder & Lightning tube fly Zonker style fished on a Skagit Line and a T 8 Sinking tip. As a small extra twist to the whole story was that Peder caught that fish on a self-made fly reel similar to the famous Hardy Perfect reel – A genuine Voodoo man.