Sealiced – Our latest film from Steelhead and Salmon heaven

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Sealiced – A little appetiser for the upcoming season!

Right now the upcoming season seems a long “Spey cast” away! However a quick look into the calendar shows that we only have two and a half months before we will be on our way to pursue what are among the largest and strongest Steelhead on the planet.

Watch Columbus Leth and Salmon Junkies latest film Sealiced from Salmon and Steelhead heaven.
It contains footage from our Steelhead and Chinook programs – programs that are not for the faint hearted. They include the juiciest kicks you’ll experience in fresh water and there’s nothing topping it. We believe it should be on the CV of every Salmon Junkie.

Enjoy the ride

For more info regarding our BC programs please contact Steffen Juhl