Skeena River Summer Camp – Bang for the Buck

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A unique opportunity: fish the Skeena from sunup to sundown for the biggest Salmon and Steelhead on the planet. Simply put, British Columbia’s Skeena River is a superfish superhighway — a thoroughfare for the largest Salmon & Steelhead in the world. In summer and fall the lower main channel Skeena hosts vast numbers of migrating Chinook, Steelhead Coho, Sockeye, Chums and Pinks headed for numerous upriver tributaries. To take full advantage of this prolific fishery and offer a high-quality, high-value fishing adventure – for both novice and seasoned anglers alike

Why the Skeena Summer Camp?

Why the Skeena Camp?  Because you can hook into and sometimes land big, bright fish like this.  Jeff Bright bested this 18 lb buck after a long, dogged fight that took him well into the backing.  Strong rods, heavy gauge hooks and tippets down to 20 or even 25 lbs are common tools required to land these fish.

Coho salmon – an incredible game fish in their own right – start to show up frequently on the Skeena in late July/early August.  Aggressive, high flying and acrobatic, these fish average 8 to 15 lbs and often fight so hard they’re mistaken for Steelhead.

If there’s one thing that may have jumped out at you by looking at these photos, it’s likely the brightness of the fish.  That’s because they’re arguably some of the freshest, strongest Salmon and Steelhead you’ll ever encounter – anywhere!  Fish with sea lice are a daily occurrence, so you know these fish aren’t far from the salt.  And, they act accordingly…

Detailed description of the program:

Salmon and Steelhead fishing on the Lower Skeena is unparalleled. Renowned rivers such as the Babine, Kispiox, Sustut, Bulkley, Morice, Copper and Kalum enter the Skeena above our camp and all fish bound for these rivers must pass directly in front of us before reaching their spawning grounds. Only a day or two out of the ocean, at the peak of their size, strength and beauty, these are among the biggest and most aggressive Salmon and Steelhead on Earth. To hook one of these fish on the fly in the broad Lower Skeena is to touch the heart of the wilderness — an experience not to be forgotten!

A comfortable camp amidst 
spectacular scenery

The scenery at our Skeena Camp is nothing short of spectacular: soaring, snow-capped mountains, a large wild river, numerous waterfalls and abundant wildlife are your backdrop as you cast for the Skeena’s legendary wild Salmon and Steelhead.

The camp consists of single and two-person sleeping tents with cots and pads, communal dining and gear tents, privy and propane-heated water with shower tent. Aside from personal items and fishing gear, guests need only bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and towel. Guided fishing is from 8am–5pm; hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the dining tent. The gear tent is also equipped with a propane heater to dry off wet clothing or chase the chill.


Guests will stay at the on-river Skeena camp for the duration of their stay.  On arrival, our staff will pick clients up at the airport, stop in the town of Terrace to pick up any supplies, then transport clients to the river, where camp staff will be waiting to receive them.  After an orientation in camp, guests are welcome to string their rods together and fish for the remainder of the day.  Guests will stay at the camp until the morning of their departure day (no fishing on departure day), and We will coordinate to pick up guests off the river and transport them to the airport.

Note: pick up from the Terrace, BC airport is at 3 pm on arrival days for transfer to the camp, so guest flights should arrive in the afternoon, prior to 3 pm.  On departure day, guests will leave the camp just after breakfast at approximately 8 am, so flights departing Terrace, BC between 10:30 am and 12 noon are recommended.

A sample day in camp would be as follows:

BEFORE 7:00 AM: If guests are early risers they can fish before breakfast. This will be unguided fishing.

7:00 AM Breakfast is served; consisting of eggs, bacon, ham, pancakes, french toast, fruit, cereal, coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc.

8:00 AM: Guided fishing begins.

12:00 PM: Lunch is served; consisting of soup, cold sandwiches, hamburgers, smokies, salads, cold and hot beverages, etc.

5:00 PM: Guided fishing ends.

6:00 PM: Dinner is served; consisting of home-style main courses such as stew, ham, steak along with vegetables and potatoes or rice. There will also be salads, desert and hot and cold beverages.

AFTER 6:00 PM: If guests wish to fish they may do so. Guides will not be held responsible for looking after evening anglers.

10:00 PM: We recommend that guests turn in for the evening. If guests wish to stay up later we ask they be as quiet as possible so as not to prevent others from sleeping.

Target rivers include: Mainstem Skeena exclusively, in and around the Skeena Camp location.

River access:  Jet boat.

Accommodations: Tentet camp located on strategic hot spot on the skeena river

Weekly package: for SJ guests, a standard 6 day/7 nights package, from Saturday to Saturday.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join in on some of the best fishing available on the Skeena in 2016!   If you have questions about some of our Skeena Programs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Price 7 Nights / 6 days fishing = Euro 2900

Steffen Juhl