Dear Santa

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I believe I have been a good boy again this year again. I also know that you are busy right now so following list might inspire and make it easier for you

A cool insulated Simms Jacket, for the cold and windy days, chasing Osenka (Fresh overwintering Salmon) or Steelhead – I need it in size M. For more info. Please check out:

A New pair of “Combat waders” for my fishing in BC. where I don´t need to hike that much. I know these waders will work for me:

Joe Saracione´s new Model 3 1/4”: Spool Width: 1 5/32”. Weight 9 ounces. Fly Line: Switch rods and 5,6,7 two handed spey rods. Capacity: 125yds 20# Rio Dacron backing plus runningline with Short Head Spey line and similar line types. Joe Saracione´s smallest disc drag reel designed for salmon and steelhead fishing. It is an awesome reel for switch rods and modern light weight, light line spey rods gaining popularity. Check out

Mythological rods from Scott – L2H SERIES

Scott has introduced a smooth and powerful new line of Spey and Switch Rods that will fit all of todays casting styles. Scott L2H series Spey rods are designed and optimized for today’s new line tapers and casting styles. Scott is the industry leader in developing blank technologies that help reduce torque. For the budget minded price point the consumer isnt giving up anything in quality; just like every rod Scott makes they are hand built from start to finish in Montrose, Colorado. As a big Switch rod fan I would love to get the model Scott call L2H 1157/4. A great all-purpose switch rod for small to medium sized rivers, sea trout, grilse and medium sized salmon. This rod has the grunt to lift heavy rigs and turn powerful fish. For more info please go to this link:

Best wishes


P.S: Sorry I had to e-mail you but if I wrote it would not have reached you in time. By the way – I left you some Beers in the fridge and chocolate on the table for the rain deer – Merry Christmas Santa and Happy New Year.