Umba week report 19 – 26 September

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The trees where still dressed up carnival style and another bunch of Umba Whoppers had to bite the dry grass along the Umba banks this week. The mixed group of “hard-core” Umba hardcore anglers found the Umba river in perfect shape, with plenty of water in all the pools

One of Umba’s many grandmasters Mr Clive Bruton is known as a skillful and very persistent salmon angler with many big fish under the belt. Already first day he launched together with Paul De Quincy a true artillery offensive and at the end of the week Clive could record 1 x 17Lb 2 x 18Lb 2 x 2oLb 1 x 22Lb as his biggest, and for Paul 1 x 16,5Lb and 3 x 18Lb – Pure Salmon magic and for sure a lot of “Red 20Lb club festivities” in the evenings.

Our German Spey Junkie Christopher Meyer´s 4” Hardy Bougle was put on a hard test in legendary Office and Pine pool, where Chris managed to crack two magnificent Salmon on 18Lb and 22Lb. Well done Chris and congratulation with the Red 20Lb hat.


Danish Jan Lohmann who visited Umba for the first time managed to twist 12 Salmon out of Umba clear water with a 15Lb silver torpedo as the biggest. However it was small compared to the broadsided beast that “Kissed” Jan´s fly in Little Red pool a dark late afternoon. As a big White Shark it chased Jan´s fly several meters in the water surface. What a nerve racking fight that could have been in the Powerful “Little Red pool”. Several Umba whoppers was seen Head and tailing through the pools the last part of the week – Obviously some of Umba´s legendary big Fall fish was pushing through, but encouraged by the extraordinary warm water to reach to upper part of Umba river most of them disappeared into the Backcountry.

In spite of we are near end of September the weather is still unusual warm and mild. The water temperature is odd 13 degree C. Mosquitoes and Black flies are still around. As a small twist we have daily been able to watch a very high numbers of Brown Bears along the riverbank. Glorious memories to be bring back home and even more tales for next year around the fireplace in the mighty Umba Lodge

Largest fish was following:

11 Salmon between 10Lb – 14Lb

11 Salmon between 15Lb – 19Lb

4 salmon between 20Lb – 25Lb

Best flies in size 8 – 6 were following: The Podolsky, Red Butt, The Cascade, Black Sheep, Thunder and Lightning fished on floating lines and light sinking poly tips

All in all – and in spite of the warm “Late summer” weather – a lovely Umba Autumn week in a super company of true gentlemen.

Stay tuned for more:)

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist