Umba Week Report D. 5 – 12 September

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September is a spectacular period in Umba with autumn colors making fantastic scenery for the eye and the camera. There is simply nothing that beats Umba during this period. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side last week, with tropical heat and sunny days that gave us far to warm water temperatures. However, it did not turn down our group that visited Umba last week, and with Illtyd Griffith leading all the way, we managed to land some really nice Super Chromes. Umba Veteran David Jap was the first in the group that manage to crack a fantastic 22 Lb Whopper in Doc Pool day one. Shortly after Illtyd Griffith managed to pull out a magnificent 23Lb super torpedo also from Doc pool. Later during the week Michael Mulbjerg and Günther Steidl could join the 20 Lbs Club with two silvery and broadsided beasts, that made it possible to join our20 Lbs Club and Hall of fame in the mighty Umba Lodge.

Also worth to mention is Stephanie Kliem who managed to land 7 salmon during the week. A week that was her third salmon trip ever – Well come in the club Stephanie:)


Autumn time at Umba is the time where we do a lot of socializing in the long evenings in front of the fireplace. This is the time for talk and tales around the big cozy fireplace in the lodge. “The huge salmon that was lost” or “The beautiful ones that was caught”; “The bears that was seen only 100 feet away walking along the river bank with its cops”….  Autumn in Umba is a very special time of the year indeed.

Largest salmon caught was the following:

16 salmon between10Lbs – 14Lbs

7 salmon between 15 Lbs – 19Lbs

4 salmon between 20Lbs – 24Lbs

All the fish was caught on Floating lines combined with a 10 feet sinking tip.


Best flies was Red Butt, Ally´s Shimp, The Cascade and The Beast-master in size 6 – 8. In spite if the dry and warm weather, we still have a good water level, and hopefully the weather will change to more normal autumn conditions

More to come