Umba Week report 29/8 – 5/9

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Week report 29/8 – 5/9

The warm weather continued this week despite the fact we have entered september which is usually much much colder. As a result this week we had water temperature between 14 -17c which clearly have delayed the run of fresh autumn salmon. Despite the overall delay our spanish guests managed to catch 9 salmon between 15-19 lbs and 2 Umba Whoppers of 20 and 23 Lbs. As usual quite a few BIG ones were lost in Krivetz tough and fast running pools. All in all a great week with our spanish friends headed by Carles Verdaguer Gonzalez.


The new team have arrived and so have a great number of ultra fresh salmons and in just 2 days there have been lots of action which has resulted in quite a few between 15-16 Lbs and 2 x 23 Lbs and again many lost, again BIG ones…

Photos fresh from Umba and much more Umba stuff to come

Kåre Lundquist