UMBA WEEK REPORT – 22-29 Aug 2015

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High water and very late autumn at Umba.

With Umba full of salmon in the first half of August, we realised that the latest water rise in the 3d week of August, had moved a large part of the salmon, who earlier in August had been in Krivetz many pools ( Read the earlier week report ).

In my 23 years at Umba I have never seen more water in Umba in August than this season. Despite the difficult conditions they managed to average out roughly eight salmon per rod.

Last week , the water level in Krivetz fortunately fell so much that we could effectively begin fishing the famous and productive pools in the upper parts of Krivetz . At this writing , the water temperature dropped from 18 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius which means we are approaching the magic temperature for Umba ‘s autumn rise of Osankas .

With weather forecasts pointing towards the cooler autumn weather in the coming weeks, it will be, as always, interesting to see how this autumn rise will turn out. Especially after the 2015 seasons rather peculiar weather conditions of extreme cold and rain.

Stay tuned for more info.