NEW SARACIONE – Mark V Salmon Reels NOW with a Sealed Drag system

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The new MARK V Salmon reel is the latest refinement in the evolution of the famous MARK series reels. New is a totally sealed Carbon Fiber drag system. The system incorporates two proprietary seals operating on the rotating shaft; a primary and secondary seal to ensure a truly sealed drag chamber. The spool rides on two sets of precision stainless steel radial ball bearings and two sets of precision stainless steel axial ball bearings for super smooth operation. Joe Saracione has incorporated a strong gear and pawl drag to help control spool overrun at low disc drag settings and to provide a loud audible click on both incoming and outgoing spool operation. Further design refinements resulted in a weight reduction of 20% as compared to its predecessor the MARK IV Salmon reel. All MARK V reels feature a solid side plate and spool for a more classic look, and all models are anodized Silver and Black as our standard color combination. Finally Joe Saracione lubricate the MARK V with special oils and grease to operate trouble free in sub-freezing temperatures for extreme winter salmon and steelhead fishing. Production is limited and reels are available factory direct only.

Specifications on the two most popular models Old MARK IV/ New MARK V reel

The old Saracione MARK IV Model 3 ½”: Weighted 12.5 ounces.

NOW the NEW model MARK V weighted 10 Ounces. This model designed for single hand salmon and steelhead rods in the 7,8 and 9 weight class. Also a perfect choice for lighter two handed rods in 5, 6 & 7 weights, and of course switch rods. It is a truely “Crossover reel”.

The old Saracione MARK IV Model 3 ¾” Weighted 14.4 ounces.

NOW the NEW model MARK V weighted 11,5 Ounces. The 3 ¾” is the most popular salmon and steelhead reel. Anglers from all over the world have shown that this is their reel of choice. The spool capacity accommodates some of the most popular line weights, and the reel balances well on the latest 12ft to 13 1/2ft rods.

For more info please visit or if you want to see a Saracione reel in some hot action please download our latest salmon film “We are Salmon Junkies”