Great Skeena Mojo

Salmon Junkies Chinook, Fish reports - Chinook


Tropical weather with clear blue skies from early morning to late evening, and temperatures up to more than 30 Degrees Celsius – That has been to reality for our first group here at mighty Skeena in BC. Biggest Chinook for our group of eight rods has up to now been one 35Lb Chinook together with 8 Chinook between 23 – 27 lb. Beside of those beasts we have of course landed a good numbers of “Smaller” Chinook between 15 – 19Lb. Yesterday Terry Nab and Lars Terkildsen hooked 8 big Chinook during a exploring trip, unfortunately without landing any of these super strong locomotives – Yuck that sucks. Thanks to the entire group and the Staff for a great week and good team sprit.