Umba 2nd week report – 2015

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Fish report from camp manager Orla Bertram in Umba. The week (Week 24) started nice and sunny but the river still much higher then usual. Unfortunately sunday brought us strong wind and a lot of rain,which was the last thing we wanted.

Fishing from the bank was impossible most places and during my more then 20 years at the Umba I never saw so constantly high in june.  Of course it made the fishing difficult and the salmon run very quickly through the lower Umba while the Krivetz was in reality almost un fishable.

So our client,very experienced steelheader and war hero, Paul Waters from Washington state visiting us for the second time, had to struggle hand for his fish.

Still we had 13 bars of silver.Biggest salmon was 19 Lbs.-a rate seize for the river-from the always reliable Home Pool. The strong fish fell for a small white tube named Albino Junkie.The most productive flies were good old Red Butt and Paul’s own dressing with purple body, silver ribbing, black hackle and white hair wing.

At the end of the week the river started dropping nicely and we pray for dry weather the coming days. Best day was Thursday with four fish landed.

Stay tuned for more fishing reports,

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist