Umba first week report – 2015

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The very first week in Umba was also effected by the very late spring – 2 weeks late this year –  with high water level, despite these not very optimistic conditions the team of 2 caught 18 salmons and from the very fist day. The first 4 days sun 24 hours and water levels dropped about 10-12 cm per day and the holding pools were getting more and more traffic from migrating salmons. Especially Home Pool and The Bar fished well and later during the week pools upstream camp below Krivetz started to produce good numbers.
Krivetz haven’t really been fishable due to the high water level. Peter Lottrup became Top Rod of the week with biggest fish of 15 Lbs. Peter did loose a BIG one in Brats Pool which broke his 0.37 fluorocarbon while fighting it, they never saw the fish, Andrei Podolski  – guide – estimated the fish to be way over 20 Lbs.The team have fished both deep and high with intermediate and both methods paid off equally, best fly weighted Red Tube; 4-5 cm.Stay tuned for more reports,All the best,

Kåre Lundquist