Grand Varzuga – 2nd week report 2015

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Steffen managed to get of hold of me this evening with news/ final report from the 2nd week from Grand Varzuga.

This week week will be remembered for its extreme weather conditions, a hurricane came by with strong cold wind form the North and lots of rain for almost 3 days. The weather changed for a short while to much milder conditions and produced around 100 salmon the calmer days, unfortunately the strong cold winds came back again from the north and water temperature dropped to around 7c,  – from 10c – really cold for this time of year. Steffen said he had never experienced anything like it.

We expected excellent fishing in the last report but the weather had certainly other plans for us. The group managed however to catch 150 salmon, Top Rod were Stephanie Warnie with 25 salmon, well done:) Biggest, a beautiful 15 Lbs. and quite a few fish between 10-14 Lbs.

Today ( new week), 25 salmons was caught so Steffen were a bit more optimistic, fish are also spotted in all the holding pools, so fingers crossed for better weather.

Floating line with fast sink, Cascade, Redbutt etc is the medicine and we slowly concentrate the fishing upstream of the camp.

Please stay tuned for more reports,

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist