Grand Varzuga Report 2015 (finally)

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First our deepest apologies but it has been extremely difficult this year getting through to the satellite phone and today Steffen finally managed to get trough to me, however very briefly and very noisy.

First week was not good at all, spring is 2 weeks late, perhaps more with a very late break of the ice. It was a cold and very tough week and not many fish caught.

This week we have had hurricane conditions with strong cold wind and lots of rain for almost 3 days. Finally the weather changed to mild condition and the last 2 days 100 salmon has been caught, perfect water level, fish in all the pools, exactly how we want it. The next couple of weeks has written bonanza all over it but with respect to the weather lets say things looks very promising.


Floating line, Cascade, Redbutt etc is the medicine and we slowly concentrate the fishing upstream of the camp, that also means bomber time:)

Please stay tuned for more reports, again our deepest apologies for the late report I know Steffen is working hard to find another solution.

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist