A new summer season is about to start at Umba and Grand Varzuga

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Varzuga 2014  Lufthavn i Kivorsk take off

Our wonderful and intensive summer season at Umba and Grand Varzuga is just short Spey casts away. Reports from the river have been encouraging, as we have been blessed by a cold winter that has secured a good snowpack in the backcountry. That should secure our fishing far into June if we get some dry weeks

For all the many Salmon Junkies traveling with us this summer, I want to say, that we really look forward to meeting all of you wonderful guys again – Good old friends as well as newcomers. I can assure you, that we at Salmon Junkies will do our best to provide you with an unforgettable and wonderful fishing trip to the best Atlantic salmon fishing. Salmon Junkies will of course keep our web page updated with week reports. So please stay tuned for reports and other cool stuff here on www.salmonjunkies.com