What to bring to Umba or Grand Varzuga?

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The following list may inspire: The weather is very unpredictable on the Kola peninsula, and it can change dramatically within very short time so it will be very sensible to bring both something that will keep you warm and dry in rainy and windy day and on the other hand something that is more comfortable, when the sun is dancing for 20 odd hours a day.

The climate of this region of Russia is extremely changeable. A wide range of temperatures and weather conditions should be expected. We recommend layering clothing, enabling you to add or remove layers during the day. Bring Polar fleece jackets, thermal underwear, Polar neck, wool socks and a wool cap to be prepared for the extreme. Flannel or chamois cloth shirts and fleece vests/jackets are ideal for the river, although you’ll no doubt change to something lighter in the lodge. Also take a reliable wind-stopper/rain jacket. Gore Tex is excellent. It is waterproof, yet breathable, and is comfortable on sunny, windy afternoons. Simms Gore-Tex and Patagonia SST wading jackets are popular and have withstood the strain of harsh weather time and time again. (For further information regarding what to bring please also read our Pre-Trip Information).

Accessories: Measure tape – Leader material – Clippers. – Repair kit for Waders – Some sinking tip for extreme situations – Pliers – Wading stick – Camera (You can recharge in the camp / 22oV) – Bag or backpack for daily equipment – Mosquito repellent – Sun glasses

It is also advisable to bring: Ear plugs for helicopter flights, snoring room partners and screaming fly reels. A couple of plastic bags for wet clothes and booths when leaving. Personal medicine and painkillers. Cash in Euro for Bar and gratuities – (Gratuities 300 – 400 Euro)

Footnote: We call our accommodations ‘comfortable and casual’. We are not trying to be a ‘extravagance lodge’ with a dress code for dinner. The atmosphere is relaxing with the right “Salmon Junkies Karma”, and we’re not too worried about formalities. You’ll spend quality time with quality people like yourself. In our camps, no one will be offended by your cigar smoke or your drink spilled laughing around the fireplace.