Flies to bring for Umba and Grand Varzuga

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All rivers have their favorites and Umba and Grand Varzuga are no exception. That said though it must be added that – probably due to the decent neutral color in most of the rivers – very many and very different types of flies seem to work.

Hereby some of the hot patterns you should bring to Umba or Grand Varzuga

Traditional hook flies – recommendable size for the Size 6 – 8

Red Butt / Black Francis / Ally’s Shrimp / The Cascade / Green Highlander / Thunder & Lightning / Willie Gunn / Black Sheep / Hairy Mary / Blue Charm / The Undertaker/ Billy Butt / Black bear Green Butt / Monroe Killer.

Tube flies

Bring tube flies with a wing length around 1 – 2 inches  – Get them in the classic “Scandi” design with a long wing profile “Tempeldog style” – Productive colors – Black / Yellow / Orange / Green / Brown. The tube fly Body should be in length 10mm – 20mm made in plastic or aluminum.

Getting the goodies

If you do not tie your own flies or if you feel more comfortable with flies dressed up by some “Professional” you will be happy to know that we have a large selection of high quality flies available in the camp-shops at Umba lodge and Grand Vauzuga.

I really look forward to see all of you within short