Skeena News 23 – 25 March

steffen Fish reports - Steelhead


Our first three days at Skeena has been great and entertaining with fresh Steelies for all the guys in our small 5 x Salmon Junkies group. Biggest Steelhead has so far been 1 x 12Lb 1 x 15Lb 1 x 16Lb 1 x 18Lb and 1 x 20Lb. Most of the time we have been blessed by the most fabulous weather with temperatures up to 15C. – Quite a different compared to last season. Yesterday I manage to land a cracking whopper that took me on a 300 meters thrilling and joy full ride downstream before I could beach the “beast”. The river is dropping daily after a heavy rainstorm than hit the area some weeks ago. As always we get spoiled daily at Pioneer lodge with brilliant food and general service. And let us NOT forget our outstanding Fishing Guides Sky, Scott, Steve and Kade – THANKS GUYS FOR ALL YOUR GREAT SUPPORT AND HELP.
Our “local weatherman” has promise cloudy and rainy weather the next days, so stay tuned for more news within soon.