Fresh and Big Umba whoppers

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Many of nowadays anglers have very understandable lost their heart and soul to the Russian Salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula. Once fished one of these magnificent rivers, you get deeply hooked. Its like to turn back the clock hundred years. Back to the time where our grandfathers was swinging a big wooden rod, over thousands of Salmon.

Few Salmon Rivers on the Kola have affected Salmon anglers from all over the world like the Umba river. Umba river runs parallel 150 km of Varzuga river on the south cost of Kola peninsula

The Umba river system has up to five different salmon runs each year. Some of the salmon will spawn the same year the enter the river – some will wait one year before spawning – these are the mythical Osenka salmon

In September the life giving and short polar summer is coming to an end. Autumn sets in quickly and the surrounding forest literally explodes in a spectacular explosion of colors along the banks of the river. This is the time and call for fulfilling one of the dedicated salmon anglers wildest dreams – big, ocean fresh autumn fish. The Osanka salmon are “designed” to spend almost 2 years in the river without feeding before it return to sea! – The fall fishing at Umba has challenged committed salmon anglers from all over the world to travel to the “End of the world” in the pursuit for the ultimate Salmon.

Last open rods at Umba – Autumn weeks

29/8 – 5/9 – 2 open rods

5/9 – 12/9 – Full booked

12/9 – 19/9 – 2 open rods

19/9 – 26/9 – 1 open rod

26/9 – 3/10 – Full booked

3/10 – 10/10 – 3 open rods

As you will notice still some great openings

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