Trails in a Wild Frontiers

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Trails in a Wild Frontiers – A “Must have book” written by long termed friend and Salmon Junkie Mr. Lee Hartman

Lee´s new book contains wonderful stories from Umba and an entire chapter dedicated to our common friend, Umba camp-manager Nick Podolsky who sadly passed away last year.

Trails in a Wild Frontier is a fascinating story about the early American angling pioneers exploring uncharted rivers in a once-forbidden land. When newly elected Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev declared perestroika in 1986, Russia’s once locked border, closed since the 1918 communist revolution, suddenly opened to foreign travel. Rumors of giant fish in Soviet Russia began to circulate in the American fishing community. Soon after an American businessman sensed an opportunity to establish sport fishing there. With the help of National Trout Unlimited, the American contingent led a series of meetings with Soviet officials until an agreement was reached to allow the exploration of rivers in the wild expanse of the Russian republic. In this book Lee Hartman takes you on a thrilling journey in a wild frontier of Siberia, the Kola peninsula and Kamchatka, on a mission to explore and open up the last great salmon and wild trout fishery on the planet.

About the Author: Lee Hartman, born in the coal region in northeast Pennsylvania, now lives along the Upper Delaware River in Equinunk, Pennsylvania. A staunch conservationist, Lee co-founded Friends of the Upper Delaware River, an organization that is actively engaged in protecting the cold-water habitat in the Upper Delaware watershed. He currently serves as Chairman of the Delaware River Committee for PATU and has received congressional recognition for his conservation efforts in the community. Lee also owns World Angling Travels and host anglers to great fly fishing destinations throughout the world. Lee Hartman was one of the first Americans to explore the uncharted rivers in Siberia and the Kola Peninsula. Today the Kola rivers are an extremely popular fly-fishing destination for Atlantic salmon that attracts anglers from all over the world. Lee continues to travel to Russia to fish for those leaping silver bullets.

Lee –Thanks for using my photos in your great book. I feel privileged to know you.

Lee Hartman´s new book “Trails in a Wild Frontiers” can be ordered here


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