Winter arrived to Umba

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The last three days of the season became cold with frosty nights under the full moon. During the days both air- and water temperatures dropped to 3 degrees C. But water level s stayed surprisingly stable and the big chrome osankas continued running. After catching the biggest fish of the week – and his biggest salmon ever – weighing 27 lbs in Long Pool Matin Gerber from France got another big fish at 19 lbs in Little Red Pool on a Silver, Orange & Brown tube, and his partner Ken Poicelet got three nice fish in Long Pool at 14, 12 and 10 lbs on a Black & Yellow Leech. Willy Forstinger from Austria had a memorable Thursday at the Lower Umba landing five salmon up to 16 lbs fishing a Beiss Tube, while Marco Wacker from Schwitzerland had a 15 lb salmon in Home Pool on Red Frances and a 14 pounder in Brads Pool on a classic Red Butt. German biologist, Michael von Siemens, did also very well the last three days with his single handed rod and landed Wednesday a fresh 15 lb in Little Red Pool on a Green Highlander, Thursday a 17 lbs from Golden Pool and the last day of the season he landed three fish.  One in the morning in Upper Rat Pool at 18 lbs an two in the afternoon in Home Pool weighing 12 and 6 lbs. All fish on a Sunray Shadow. His Austrian partner Andreas “Andy” Bachler, used the same concept and landed a beauty at 22 lbs – his biggest salmon ever. Also Erik Cullin from Sweden did extremely well with fish weighing 20 lbs (his second for the week), 16 lbs, 15 lbs, 10 lbs ans 8 lbs on his favourite fly Franc ‘n Snelda. Biggest salmon this week was 13 between 10-14 lbs, 12 Salmon between 15-19 lbs, 4 Salmon between 20-24 and Martins the jewel in the crown.

During the last night the first snow was slowly covering the ground – a good timing for the final week.

Biggest salmon this fall was 142 Salmon between 10Lb. and 14Lb. 78 Salmon between 15Lb and 19Lb. 36 salmon between 20lb and 24 Lb. 2 Salmon between 25Lb and 29 Lb. 2 Salmon between 30Lb and 34Lb – A fine result considering we had very low water conditions for the second year in a row.

Salmon Junkies wants to express our deepest thanks to all our many wonderful guests and dear friends that came to Umba and Grand Varzuga in 2014. Without you there would be no Salmon Junkies – only Junkies. The booking for 2015 have already for a while been up in full speed, so please do not hesitate to contact if you want to secure a rod for next season.

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