36 Salmon between 14Lb and 24Lb

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Second last week this season, Umba river came up with almost half a meter, and the water temperature dropped to 6 degrees which slowed down the salmon. All the big pools, especially in the lower section, started to produce a high numbers of big fresh salmon. Kai Welle from Germany was top rod this week and caught some super fish during his two weeks stay. His salmon were 2 x 15Lb 1 x 16Lb 1 x 18Lb 1 x 22Lb 1 x x24 Lb. Clive Bruton from UK, who fished Umba for the second time (last year Clive landed a 37Lb resident salmon in Golden Pool) managed also to land some really nice salmon with several around 17lb up to 20Lb. Umba veteran and a hard core Salmon Junkies´ member Gilbert Pieters from Belgium managed also to beach several big chromers during last week, with a 22Lb from Home Pool as the biggest. André Riviére from France, who also have fished Umba for many years, landed 1 x 20Lb and 1 x 23Lb plus of course a very good numbers of fish smaller than the Magic Twenty Pounds.  Heinz Pape from Germany managed as always, to land a long series of fantastic salmon. Biggest Salmon for Heinz Pape was 4 x 15Lb 2 x 17Lb together with a super 20Lb Salmon as the biggest. Best fly: The Cascade, Billy But, Red Butt size 6

Biggest landed salmon last week was 13 salmon between 10LB -14Lb. 17 Salmon between 15LB -19Lb and 6 Salmon between 20Lb – 24Lb

Last evening in the lodge Clive Bruton announced following: “For me Umba are the most beautiful Salmon River in this world – I hope that I will be back next year”

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