Umba Midweek report 28 – 30 September

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The weather has changed and it has become far colder with rain the last days at Umba. The river has come up with 1 1/2 feet which also has improved the fishing considerably. Clive Bruton who caught a 35Lb salmon last year at Umba has been a bit more humble this year, however he caught one the same day two magnificent 17 Lb Chromers in Krivetz Tuesday. Kai Welle from Germany continues his odyssey with several nice fish to the net. Biggest for Kai during the last couple of days has been a super fresh 15 Lb salmon from Krivetz. (Please read more about Kai´s catches in the previous reports from last week. Biggets so far has been French Andre Riviere who manage to land a beautiful 23 Lb from Lower Umba. Another Umba veteran Gilbert Pieters from Belgium managed yesterday a 18 Lb Whopper on a Podolsky fly together with two 10 Lb salmon and one 9 Lb. All salmon were sea liced and straight from the sea. All together very promising news. Biggest salmon during the first three days has been 8 Salmon between 10Lb – 14Lb. 11 Salmon between 15lb – 19Lb and 3 Salmon between 20Lb – 24Lb. Beside these Salmon around 15 smaller salmon has been landed. Best fly has been. The Cascade, The Podolsky and Umba Tiger. The water continues to rise, so we expect some bigger salmon in the system during the next days / weeks. Stay tuned for more Umba news within some days.

Ps. 30 Minutes ago Kai Welle texted me, telling that he just has landed a 24Lb Super whopper in Krivetz (This is his second Twenty pounder). Congratulations Kai

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