Umba Full week report

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The German super duo and Umba veterans Kai Welle and Henz Pape from Germany really hit it off this week by catching 65% of all the fish landed. Biggest salmon for Kai and Heinz were; 3 salmons of 15 Lbs, 1 x 16 Lbs and 2 x 17 Lbs and 1 x 18 Lbs and a super chromer of 22 Lbs, caught by Kai.The 22 Lbs was quite an adventure for Kai with a nerve wrecking 300 meters stumbling/wading/shaking down to the strong rapids below Office Pool – He managed to land the whopper after some very intense fight, yeah! All together the duo landed 25 salmons, and they will continue fishing the coming week and hopefully we will hear more from them and the new team as the fist week of October always produces some of the biggest fish for the season, historically!

Gerard Garnier from France and a true Salmon Junky veteran, caught a real beauty of 20.5 Lbs, his biggest salmon ever. Gerard I am wondering if you still cary that old hat?It has produced many fish over the years, but getting a bit old:) I do know you had a great party that night and a BIG welcome to The 20 Lbs Club, well done and wish I was there!

This week some BIG salmons was lost and Jean-Luc and Claude Vin from France unfortunately witnessed that at first hand, but these are the ones you never forget and you will get them next time, name of the game in salmon fishing and Umba always seems to reward the ones who keep trying. Waterlevel has risen and very fortunate for our new team and we do expect some real big ones this week as this will push fish. I dare to say, conditions are almost perfect. Biggest salmon this week; 11 x 10-14 Lbs, 9 x salmon 15-19 Lbs, 3 x 20-24 Lbs.

Stay tuned for some BIG news – hopefully – shortly,

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist



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