Umba full week report

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Our third week will without a doubt be remembered for the 2 shiny whoppers caught by Per Hægquist (Sweden),   27.5  Lbs in Lower Rat Pool and 31 Lbs in Brad Pool. Besides these monsters Per landed 14 salmon where many were between 15 -19 Lbs. On top of all this Per had quite a bonanza in Krivetz one day where  he caught 6 fish and lost about the same number of fish. This was his first trip to Umba and we suspect not his last one:). 15 of the fish was caught on a home made Willie Gunn, seize 6. The 31 Lbs was caught on a Beiss fly, very famous in River Mörrum in Sweden. Per fished with the classical Umba combo, floating  line and a 10 ft fast sink poly leader.

Moreover, 55 salmon were caught, whereto 11 between 10-14 Lbs, 8 between 15-19 Lbs, 2 between 20-24 Lbs, 1 between 25-29 Lbs and one 31 Lbs. Best flies, Willie Gunn, Cascade, Billy Butt, Red But. Bill Crory from Ireland joined the 20 Lbs Club with a super chromer caught in Poachers Corner a BIG congratulation to Bill.

We haven’t had the BIG push yet as we normally do this time of year and will most likely happen any time soon now. The weather is still warm and we have between 13-23c and bright sun from morning to evening, not the best cocktail for salmon fishing. However, water temperature is dropping everyday now, so thats a good sign.

New group arrived yesterday and the extra bonus day in the Umba program resulted is some really nice fish. Umba veteran Illtyd Griffith caught a super chromer of 21 Lbs and David Birnage a super fresh 19 Lbs and Jean Domange lost a BIG one in Junction Pool. Sounds and feels promising…

I had to use the same photo again to celebrate Per Hægquist adventure in Umba 2014.

Stay tuned for more reports, shortly.

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist



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