Umba midweek report

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L1050783 kopi

Per Hægquist from Sweden did it again and caught 27.5 Umba whopper today,  – super fresh – this just 2 days after he caught his 31 Lbs in Lower Rat Pool, This time it was in Brad Pool, fly = Willie Gun. These are the fresh photos just mailed to me. His bonanza continued today as he caught 6 fish ( biggest = 21, 16 and 16 Lbs) in Krivetz and lost the same number. Umba Lodge will rock Big time tonight, well done:).

L1050827 2

Having said that, fishing has slowed down and we hope this big push of fish will materialize rest of the week.

Stay tuned for more reports…

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist

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