Second midweek report – Umba 2014

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Low pressure hit Umba this week and we have had lots of rain which have been a bit more tricky for all the guests as the river have risen quite a lot. Rain is good however when the river is coming down. Its quite unusual this time of year and the big lakes should have absorbed all this or at least most of it, but they must be quite full as it is right now. This have affected the fishing, but this is Umba and we have caught good numbers despite the conditions. Vittori Basi lost a BIG whopper yesterday in Pine Pool and Ulf Holmgren had the same unfortunate experience with 2 lost in Island Pool and they were BIG…One of them stripped 200 meters of backing and after some very intense fight it was lost. The fish you will never forget. Biggest fish caught yesterday was 18 Lbs and caught by Vittori Basi in Home Channel Pool, well done.

Biggest Salmon so far; 3 between 15-19 Lbs, and 8 between 10-14 Lbs. Best flies; Cascade, Billy Butt and Podolsky Fly. We expect the river to come down now which is where you want to be when that happens.

Stay tuned for more reports, shortly.

All the best

Kåre Lundquist




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