Skeena Chinook – We will for sure be back next year

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Our exclusive groups of friends who have been fishing Skeena doing the last weeks have been able to relax a bit more doing the last days. However two days ago Robert Hayes manage to land two magnificent kings on 25lb and 30Lb. Both fish was super hot and manage almost to strip him for 250 Meters of backing a couple of times during the fights. Beside Robert´s two whoppers, the group have caught some smaller Kings between 10 – 15 Lb.

Yesterday Columbus Leth called me, telling that his has mange to look through most of his footage he did two weeks ago when he was fishing/ filming together with Jeff Bright. Not only did they manage to land a lot of very big and super hot Chinook where several was between 25lb – 35Lb. But Columbus also managed to capture some very unique sequences that normally takes years to get. Columbus promised us an awesome new Skeena film like his Steelhead film he did last year.

On behalf of our Salmon Junkies friend fishing for Chinook this summer, I want to direct a big thanks to NDO and Pioneer lodge for their outstanding service and hospitality during the last couple of weeks – We will for sure be back next year

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