Latest News from our Chinook warriors fishing Skeena

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Our “House Photographer” who has been fishing together with Jeff Bright from San Francisco, finished their “BC. Skeena Film teamwork” last week in style. Thursday Jeff Bright manage to hook and land a 30Lb fresh Chinook for the camera, and later same day Columbus mange to land a sparkling 20lb Chromer. Friday Jeff and Columbus mange to hook 7 Big Chinook but in a secret river, however they only manage to land 3 of them. Columbus estimate that at least 3 of the lost fish was between 35Lb – 40Lb. (The flies simply came out after long runs, spectacular jumps and of course the use of Barbless flies).  Lars Terkildsen managed to land a 28Lb super Fresh Chinook on his first day on Skeena 27th June. I´m confident that it isn’t the last word we have heard from Lars T. as he is a notorious BIG Salmon Guy. More “Skeena news” to come

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