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the king

Our House Photograph and Filmmaker Columbus Leth and famous Journalist Jeff Bright from San Francisco, have been send on a mission this week – To capture on film the fishing for the biggest Salmon in world – The furious and famed Skeena King Salmon / Chinook Salmon. Together with our partner in BC. Nicholas Dean Outdoor we plan shoot a film about the Chinook that will be released this winter. Columbus has just mailed me a small report from the river bank. So far they have lost + 10 Chinooks and landed 3 between 10lb to 20 lb. all sea liced. Yesterday Jeff B. lost a whopper estimated to + 30lb , but after 25 minutes of hard battle and hundred of meters of backing the fly came out. I feel confident that Columbus and Jeff will come up with a fantastic “King” film, and I´m very excited to hear more from our two Spey warriors soon again – More to come.

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