Grand Varzuga photo essay by Ole Thomsen

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Varzuga 2014 Salmon Release 5 Ole Thomsen

Master photographer and Salmon Junkie Ole Thomsen from Denmark have just mailed me following outstanding series of Photos from his week at Grand Varzuga 1 – 6 June this season. A week where the group manage to catch staggering 257 Salmon, in spite the group missed 1 ½ day caused by a tragic Helicopter crash in the Kola region the same day the group arrived. Out of the 257 Salmon 35 % of the fish was between 12 – 19 Lb.  Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos with us Ole.

Varzuga 2014 Kai Welle in Junction Pool netfish

Varzuga 2014 Salmon & Rod

Varzuga 2014 Ole Thomsen & Salmon 7

Varzuga 2014 Kai Welle with Salmon 10

Varzuga 2014 Kai Welle SpeyCasting 2

Varzuga 2014 Guides making the lunch

Varzuga 2014 Hot Rock

Varzuga 2014 Salmon & MeiserRod 6

Varzuga 2014 Kai Welle with Salmon 8

Varzuga 2014 Salmon Release 2

Varzuga 2014 Kai Welle SpeyCasting_

Varzuga 2014 Salmon with cap 10

Varzuga 2014 Salmon Release


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