Umba Week report – Grand Finale!

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Orla reports from Umba the final week. The Salmon arrived this week as the river came into the right shape,  fish were caught pretty much everywhere. Umba too had a slow start the first weeks with extremely high water and cold weather as we have seen all over Kola. This week was a game changer.  Fist day this week, Mark Kumlin from Finland lost a 20+ Lbs in Lower Rat Pool just before landing the fish. The same day, Steven Casey from Ireland caught a real beauty of a 20 pounder, his first 20 Lbs ever, so a big welcome in the 20 Lbs Club:). He caught the Salmon in Home Pool with a King Fisher fly, completely blue.



After dinner Tor Helenius – Umba veteran – from Sweden took one of the boats and sailed across Home Pool to the small Island and he caught 3 Salmon around 10 Lbs in a row, what an evening. Tuesday he caught a 15 Lbs in Junction Pool. All caught on Cascade. Tuesday, Steven Casey was on the move again and caught 19 Lbs from Island Pool, Billy Butt did the trick. Ole Hansen from Denmark caught 4 in a row in Home Pool with a Black & Yellow fly, nice fish and well done:) Wedensday Mark Kumlin had his revenge when he and his old friend Martin Honkanen (Finland) made the same attempt as Tor Helenius by fishing from the small island in Junction Pool where he landed a meter long Umba Whopper of 22 Lbs, A BIG and well deserved welcome to the notorious 20 Lbs Club. His biggest fish, ever. Steven Casey and Ole Holm (Denmark) both lost 3 monsters in Junction Pool. This week there has been an unusual big run of big fish which looks promising for the Autumn fishing. The final score of the week was 40 Salmon landed, well done.


This was the final spring/summer week this season, A Grand Finale where all the guests ran into BIG fish and unforgettable battles.

…we will be back mid august with new reports from this fantastic river.

Stay tuned for the final report from Grand Varzuga which should arrive any time soon.

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