Umba week report

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This week  ended in a big drama, Bernhardt Brandl and Andreas Eckert from Germany were fishing in Home Pool with the guide Sasha.  Bernhardt got a fish on and pulled it easily to the boat assuming a small fish as there were hardly any resistance. Arriving at the boat for landing, all hell went loose when the fish came close to the surface and with exceptional force stripped Bernhard´s reel for more than 100 m of backing, Sasha was shouting (the guide) WATCH OUT , this fish is a monster, at least 30 Lbs, Bernhardt retrieved most of his backing in a fierce full fight when suddenly the line went limp. The knot connection the poly leader simply collapsed and the battle was lost. A fish Bernhardt never will forget…This week´s top rod was Jesper Ravn from Denmark with his 2 miracle cast in Lower Krivetz. Jesper had not felt a single touch in 2 days and arrived in Island Pool, his very first cast and with half the shooting head out his Green Highlander caught the attention of a  fresh female of 20 Lbs of which he landed after a good fight. After a well deserved coffee break he went out again and his first cast unfortunately caught the bottom and after trying to release and save the fly the bottom suddenly moved and Jesper caught a 23 Lbs male, well done and BIG 2 x congratulation with your  2 time membership of the 20 Lbs Club….unbelievable and what a day:)

Waterlevel is still high and the fishing is still tough we hope for better conditions as the river comes into right shape.

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