Varzuga – the big run has arrived!

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The BIG run has finally arrived and the last couple (2) of days have produced more than 100 fish. There are fish everywhere and its floating line and the magic Cascade that seems to be the recipe so far for the week. Its hot now with 28c in the shadow and the sun is shining 24/7, water temperature is 17C which in fact should make the fishing very difficult, but this is Varzuga, Grand Varzuga with its extraordinary and aggressive salmon that will attack your fly as long as it comes nearby with some speed. The season is 2 weeks late this year due to the flood and cold weather, last year completely opposite and even the year before. But its salmon fishing in a nutshell. Fish are between 7 and 19 Lbs and yet again this year we meet quite a few big ones. Varzuga is perfect now with endless of pools, runs and rapids, this week will be good, it is simple as that and we expect the following week to be the same. Along with the fish we also have a BIG run of bugs, so bring your mosquito oil and net (head) should you be heading for Grand Varzuga.

Picture is from last week with Chantal Chone from France with a real nice fish, congratulation Chantal!

Stay tuned for more reports..

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