Umba status report

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Monday we experienced a true miracle, Jesper Ravn from Denmark and our new guide Daniel Podolsky, son of legendary Nick Podolsky were fishing Lower Krivetz. Jesper had not felt a single touch in 2 days and arrived in Island Pool, his very first cast and with half the shooting head out his Green Highlander caught the attention of a  fresh female of 20 Lbs of which he landed after a good fight. After a well deserved coffee break he went out again and his first cast unfortunately caught the bottom and after trying to release and save the fly the bottom suddenly moved and Jesper caught a 23 Lbs male, well done and congratulation with your  2 time membership of the 20 Lbs Club….unbelievable:)

Jimmy Jacobsen from DK – lives in Berlin – caught a 17 Lbs in Golden Pool with a Red Butt and Søren Riis from Denmark caught 17 Lbs in Golden Pool (Cascade) the same day. Waterlevel is dropping and we expect better fishing as the river comes into right shape.

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