Umba Week report

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Last year we had the driest season ever in Umba (Kola Peninsula) with extremely low water levels,  in contrast this year we have had extremely  high water levels and a late spring.  It has not been possible to fish Krivetz at all so all the fishing has been taken place below Krivetz. Despite tough conditions our 5 rod group managed to catch 46 Salmon. Skeena veteran Jeff Bright (US) became this week top rod with 15 Salmon landed. Biggest fish caught a beauty of 17 Lbs in Lower Rat Pool on a Podolsky Fly, a very productive fly you can argue as almost all his fish was caught on Podolsky Fly (Tube).

Mike Spurlock (US) caught a real nice 15 Lbs in Junction Pool, a Green Highlander did the magic. Bob Clay – yes the famous splitcane builder from Canada – caught a 14 Lbs on an Orange Circle Fly in Rat Pool and Ingward Carstensen –  from Denmark – caught a 13 Lbs in Upper Rat Pool on a Golden Shrimp Fly.

Mike Spurlock impressed us all as he the last day – early morning – went down to Doctor´s Pool were he was fishing from the bank among the Pine trees – not easy – and caught 16 Lbs salmon, well done and noted:)

All fish caught with fast sinking lines. Weather forecast the next couple of days; 14-18c sunny and a few showers.

Stay tuned for more reports…

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