Umba Mid Week report

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salmon in the net

Last year we had the driest season ever in Umba with extremely low water conditions, right now we have a big flood with lots and lots of water making Krivets hardly un fishable….what a contrast! Its quite cold for the season and windy. Our 5 guests have a had a tough start this first week week, however Umba always produces despite tough conditions. Skeena veteran Jeff Bright (US) have caught a beauty of 17 Lbs in Lower Rat Pool on a Podolsky Fly.  Mike Spurlock (US) caught a real nice 15 Lbs in Junction Pool, a Green Highlander did the magic. Bob Clay – yes the famous splitcane builder from Canada – caught a 14 Lbs on an Orange Circle Fly in Rat Pool and Ingward Carstensen –  from Denmark – caught a 13 Lbs in Upper Rat Pool on a Golden Shrimp Fly. All caught with fast sinking lines.

Weather forecast looks better later this week and we are waiting for the river to drop now and we all know what that means…Umba Whoppers!

Stay tuned for more reports…

PS: We have satelite communications problems in Varzuga so I am waiting for this to be fixed so we can give you a full report, I have however heard that the week was very cold and produced a very few fish.

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